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Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Kenya Is Recruiting For New Job Vacancies

“Jobs and Opportunities AT Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Kenya

Mombasa Water Supply & Sanitation Company Limited is a limited liability company that was established in March 2011. The company took over the operations of water and sewerage services provision in Mombasa County as from 1st September, 2005. This was after finalizing negotiations on the water Service Agreement with the Coast Water Services Board and appointing the first Board of Directors. Owing to Corporate Management challenges under the appointed board of directors, the company failed to attain key performance indicators in the provision of water and sewerage services and was taken over by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Thereafter, it was incorporated in March, 2011 under the companies Act chapter 486 Laws of Kenya, and was finally operationalized in 25th July, 2011 under a new Board of Directors

This Year, They are doing mass recruitment upon their recent job vacancies to help Kenyans achieve middle income status by supplying clean water. Jobs include.

  1. Laboratory Manager
  2. Waste Water Engineer
  3. Head of Finance and Commercial Services
  4. Electro-Mechanical Engineer
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