Red Flags That The Job Call Up Is a Scam.

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Most people have often been scammed and other scorned off their hard earned money in names of getting reputable, highly paying jobs in sometimes known companies and other scenarios in unknown companies.

In a generation where unemployment is global challenging issue, the unemployed specifically the youth in the graduate bracket are always desperate to get work to do, applying and receiving calls from whoever is promising them career opportunities and gaps to get quick earnings. This has been as well attributed to the effects of covid-19 .

This has intern increased the number scammers and fake recruiters who ought to milk money from honest and jobless youth day in day out as they promise them mythical jobs.

Today we discuss for you a number of red flags that signify that that new job you are being called up for is scam and is highly going to cost you your money.

  1. Job Advert without the name of company recruiting.

If it is a genuine company calling up candidates for career opportunities, it must disclose its self for the job seekers to know and understand what it deals. The reason is to give the job seeker a chance to research and find out what the company is all about, its location and the modes it uses to conduct legal business.

Job call ups and adverts that don’t disclose the name for the company/ organization are always a scam and should be avoided, unless its a relative calling you up to occupy a position in their company. “If its not your father’s company then do an intensive research”

  • Random calls from random people

Have you ever received a phone call from a random person claiming to be from a big organization you know about, offering a job opportunity with a fat pay? Such people always claim to have got your CV from a friend and that they know you as a hardworking person. Such kind of jobs are always not real. It is always con-men behind those phone calls trying to trick you into accepting their offer and at the end of the day, pull off money from you.

Legitimate companies will always make their career opportunities for everyone to participate in unless its had-picking kind of selection.

  • Paying money to be recruited

Genuine companies do not ask for money to get you on their team, they always have a reason for you to join them and they always need you more than you need them. Any employment opportunity that needs you to 1st pay money to the employer so as to be on the list of “to be interviewed’’ is red flag for a fake job.

Overall, avoid those random calls for unknown people offering you job opportunities, unsolicited WhatsApp job descriptions without legitimate recruiter information as well as paying money to get jobs inform of bribes and recruitment fees. Avoid publishing your private information like account number details and phone numbers online for everybody to access.. It’s with these information that scammers use to extort money from you as you seek for your next job opportunity

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