What To Consider Before Taking on That Job Offer

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COVID-19 has highly affected the employment sector with over 42% decline in job creation in Uganda alone according to International Growth Center report published in November 2020. This has left many people especially the youth jobless with depleting and plummeting poverty levels in the region.

Most people who were employed and have now been subjected to indefinite forced work leaves, leaving them helpless and desperate for work to take care of their families.

With the little job opportunities that keep coming up during this time, whether genuine or not, job seekers are now found of accepting each and every opportunity that drops their way, without understanding the details of the job, the working conditions, the daily or monthly enumeration and the consequences that come with undertaking the offer.

Irrespective of your situation, here are some of the considerations you should put in place before taking over that job you have been called up to do.

Measure your needs as a person

Before signing up for that job offer, 1st sit down and do a check list of your needs against the salary you, anticipate to get from the work you are to do. This will give you a highlight on whether the money you will be receiving will be sustainable enough to cater for your minimum family needs.

Some of the things to consider are for example, transport to the work place, meals while at work place, social amenities, personal saving schemes and those attached to governments, housing, working hours as well bonuses for the good work done and other human basic needs.

Financial Status of the company

A little research about the company offering you that opportunity won’t be a bad idea. Do a background check through friends, online web portals so that you get to be informed about the financial stability of the company. Some employers always look for employees to help them go through crisis, subjecting them to tough working conditions even without pay.

Other Benefits besides Salary

Besides that monthly or daily salary they are willing to offer you, what other benefits are you gathering from being in that company or organization? Always consider the social part of work. Understand the nature of people that you will be working with because that will be your social capital even after you have quit. Other benefits like bonuses, paid time off, health insurance, job security are also very important in your decision-making.

Job Location / Duty station

Some jobs always require one to move up country for some time and then back to the main office, others involve working in refugee camps, isolated places as well as rowdy places. It’s always upon you to ask thorough questions plier to accepting that job offer so that you understand whether there will be challenges with transportation.

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