What Makes It a Good CV

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We have reached a stage in life where even academic papers are not a measuring tool to job openings and positions. It is now how fat, appealing and organized your curriculum vitea is that gets you that dream job you have been praying about. So start now working and editing that cv.

Today we shall one by one dissect the different items and key indicators that make that CV appealing enough and ready to hit the desk of your next employer. Here they are

Introductory message.

This will include brief introduction about yourself and a hint on your professional career in terms of education status. In this part, you give the employer a ‘grand opening’ to your magnificent CV. It’s In this section that the employer will get the energy and zeal to proceed to read your other sections of the document.

In this part of the CV, briefly talk about your skills, your attributions and positivity towards work, a sneak-pick into your past experiences at the other work places as well as your current positions(not in detail). Show the person reading your CV that you are an energetic and all around team player who has the experience as is willing to learn in any new job fields attached to.

Personal profile details

In this section, you do not have to write tons and tons of words and explanations. Be as brief as you can and give your employer your actual full names, your right phone number and work email, your date of birth and the nationality.

This can be done in a bullet form or in a small table form so that is clear and direct to the point so that incase the employer interest in calling or contacting you, it is easy for him/her to trace all the contact details in the document.

Background of your education

This sounds obvious but how you present it is very important. Like the personal profile section, you do not have to over write tones of works explaining the schools you went to how your education life has been. The employer is not interested. State the schools/institutions you have been to, the years you have been there and what you attained while there starting with the current one you completed. For example; University – College-High school-Primary School. In most cases, the employer may not be interested in the lowest level of education (Kindergarten)

Work experience and leadership positions

This is where you step by step explain what you have been doing and the organizations you have been working for. It is always good state exactly what you were doing, the position you held and what you managed to achieve while in that position.

Do not just state that you have been a ‘manager’ at company X without explaining what exactly you did when you were a manager and how long in terms of years you have executed that job.

To top it up, add the leadership positions you held, including the number of the people you have been leading. This gives the employer an understanding that you have the capacity to manager people and work without any close supervision.

Research programs and projects executed

If you have done any research and published any papers, it is always good and positive to add them on your CV. You can provide links to those papers or any sort of evidence of the projects you have executed in terms of photographs.

This works well for people in the engineering field where you have to clearly state the projects you have designed or supervised and completed.


Provide trustworthy and understanding referees. It is always good to provide people you have worked with in previous companies you have been in or people you have executed projects with. At least 3-4 referees are good enough.

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