Director Medical and Community Programs at Baylor Uganda

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  • Posted 1 month ago
  • Company: Baylor Uganda
  • Location: Uganda
  • State: Uganda
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Job category: Administrative Jobs in Uganda


The successful candidate will be responsible for initiating, developing and monitoring the implementation of systems, policies and procedures of HIV/TB Pediatric/adolescent and MNH programs in line with Baylor Uganda’s mission and National program objectives for Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management. .

Overall Responsibilities
1. Develop and monitor the implementation of 5 or 3 years’ operation strategy for ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management’ based on holistic strategic thinking while repositioning Baylor Uganda’s ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management’ programs in line with National related changing guidelines, policy and environment.
2. Provide technical and leadership support during the mobilization of funding & technical resources for program sustainability & growth including development of new partnerships & business for ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB’ program.
3. Develop and monitor the implementation for strategies geared towards strengthening demand creation, community engagement and functional linkages and referrals for ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB’ services while utilizing the approved IEC materials in line with related National program objectives.
4. Develop and maintain strategic partnerships and networks between Baylor Uganda with ‘relevant development partners and implementing partners,’ to advocate for a comprehensive, relevant and harmonized interventions to reflect latest trends in ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management’ in line with National related program objectives.
5. Develop and monitor the implementation and evaluation of the capacity building plan/interventions and retooling plan (materials, working tools & space) which includes refurbishment of appropriate infrastructures) for ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management’ and MNH based on a clear related National curriculum and needs in line with the related National program objectives
6. Develop strategies and procedures for monitoring the integration and implementation of gender and CQI procedures in the management of ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB services’ to improve on service delivery in line with related National program objectives.
7. Review the existing M&E framework and provide technical support in the developing of indicators for ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management’ and related appropriate reporting procedures then follow up integration of these indicators in the Baylor-Uganda M&E frameworks in line with related National program objectives.
8. Periodically evaluate the performance of Baylor-Uganda in comparison to other implementing partners/countries in terms of ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB’ program implementation then develop action plans for improvements including periodic report writing and feed back to key stakeholders in line with the related National program objectives.
9. Monitor the compliance of the staff under ‘Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB’ and MNH programs to HR systems and policies as well as conduct supervisory HR support activities to maintain competent and motivated leaders under Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management in line with the Human Resources Manual.
10. Develop periodic abstracts and newsletters based on documented lessons learnt and experiences under Pediatric/adolescent HIV/TB management then disseminate them to key stakeholders in form of reports and presentations in periodic stakeholder’s workshops in line with Baylor-Uganda policy for ‘Outcome evaluation & Knowledge management

Required Qualification, Experience and Competencies:
• MBCHB with a Master’s degree in Medicine, Pediatrics and Child Health or Public Health
• Must be a registered doctor with the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Council (UMDPC)
• Trained in comprehensive HIV/AIDS/TB care and support services
• At least seven (7) years working experience as medical personnel, with four (4) years program of experience at managerial level, in a reputable HIV oriented Non-Governmental Organization

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